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Anna C. Vidoni

Anna C. Vidoni

Financial Services Assistant

As a Financial Services Assistant, Anna Vidoni performs various customer service activities to support S&B Financial Services. Her tasks include scheduling financial advisor sales calls and appointments, managing marketing materials, and assisting with sales initiatives and events.

In May 2023, Anna graduated from the University of Maine, where she received a bachelor's degree in finance and management with a concentration in international business.
Prior to joining S&B Financial, Anna interned at Machias Savings Bank in Portland, and spent three years in High School working as a teller in Massachusetts. It was in those early years of her life that Anna first discovered her interest in the world of finance.

Anna is passionate about helping people with financial literacy, and she looks forward to continuing this work throughout her career.

Outside of work, Anna enjoys solving puzzles, taking walks, and gardening. She also values spending time with her friends and boyfriend, and exploring new restaurants in Portland.